Isagi StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat (30 x 40cm) - Burgundy

by Isagi · MC018280
Isagi StayPut Non-Slip Fabric Tablemat (30 x 40cm) - Burgundy Image
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  • Holds items in place like another hand - Non-slip bottom holds mat in place while non-slip surface prevents item from slipping or shifting
  • Non-adhesive pressure sensitive grip
  • Cushioned, lightweight and durable - Safe on all surfaces
  • Easy to clean - Machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Dimensions: 30 x 40cm

StayPut by Isagi PER?formance Individual Table Mats maintain all the features and qualities of the unique pressure sensitive, non slip PER?formance fabric, pre-cut into large tablemats with rounded corners. As a Food Grade accredited fabric it is safe to use anywhere where food can come into contact with the material as there are no harmful substances that can leach into food through contact unlike typical non slip PVC placemats, and unlike most smooth surfaced mats, if there are any spills, PER?formance fabric still retains its non slip qualities when wet. As a non slip fabric the mat ensures plates and cutlery will remain in place, whether that s on the dining table, a toddlers high chair tray or if you just feel like treating someone to breakfast in bed! Ideal for use on the boat, caravan, trays, with children or the less able in fact anywhere plates or items can slip. There are of course, a variety of other uses for a large non slip mat, under the cat or dog bowl, on a games or craft table, as a children s play mat or under computers or household equipment. Lightweight, durable, easy to clean machine washable and quick to dry, the generously sized mats come in a range of 11 attractive colours. Non adhesive, non slip even when wet! Toxin free and non allergenic. Fire Retardant and UV stable. Biodegradable. Safe on all surfaces, including Polyurethane paint or varnish. Hygienic and easy to clean. Machine Washable 40 degrees.


Colour Burgundy

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