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The PageKeeper ‘Automatic’ Bookmark Review

It is the turn of The PageKeeper ‘Automatic’ Bookmark to go Under The Really Tiny Book Light this week after the Lifemax – ECO Solar Powered Window Thermometer passed with flying colours last time. I have chosen the PageKeeper because we recently featured them on our March Newsletter and because I gave my mum one for Mother’s Day (amongst other things) this year and it seems to have gone down very well. My mum was often complaining about people (probably me) moving her books and losing her page, so I felt this was the ideal solution as it claims you will never lose your page again!The PageKeeper is perfect for a gift as it comes in smart packaging and contains clear instructions on exactly how to use it.  It is so unbelievably simple, all you literally have to do is slide it on to the back page of a book, place the spring tensioned metal ‘finger’ on the start page and it automatically follows you as you go. You don’t need to touch it again until you’ve finished the book and it’s so compact, you hardly even notice it’s there. It works on both hard and paperback books and it could probably even do a ‘job’ on magazines and notepads. The main body of the PageKeeper is made from solid metal and the long thin ‘finger’ is made from a strong and flexible metal too.I, myself am not much of a reader, but seeing a PageKeeper in action, makes me wish I was. I am confident that anybody that reads would love a PageKeeper, so much so that I am going to give them as gifts to a lot of my family and friends, that I know read. Hopefully, none of my family is reading this though and if you are, you know what to expect from me this Christmas.

Alternatively, check out this extreme but funny product testing of the PageKeeper, here.


PageKeeper’s are just £4.99 each at Mobility Choices, which I feel is a bargain as it will last you a lifetime. You can also save a few pennies if you take advantage of our multi-save offer on 5 PageKeeper’s for just £21.20, check them out here. (accurate at time of posting).

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